About landdirect.ie


landdirect.ie is an online service from the Property Registration Authority.

Many Land Registry services are available online through our landdirect.ie website. To avail of our full online services you must open a Business Account with a minimum pre-payment of €125 made payable to the Property Registration Authority. 

If you are not a Business Account Holder, you can search the Land Registry map online at https://www.mypropertytitle.ie/praMap.aspx. You can also view folios and order certified copy folios with maps on payment of the prescribed fee.

If you are not a landdirect.ie user, you may still avail of our services by post or by calling to one of our public offices.


Services available to Business Account Holders:

• Search and locate property using our digital map at no charge.

• Print a copy of the map.

• Use an index of addresses (An Post GeoDirectory) to view a map and locate a folio.

• Conduct names index searches.

• View & print folios. Click here for a list of County Codes

• Request official certified copy folios and title plans (showing special features - appurtenant rights, rights of way etc if any affect the property).

• Order a Special Registration Map as an alternative to a Title Plan for a selected area at a chosen scale and of registered or unregistered property.

• Conduct Area Searches to find details of all registrations within the area selected and have the results displayed on screen or posted to you as an 'Official Map Search' application.

• Order an Official Map Search for a selected area showing the underlying OSi detail together with Land Registry detail and an accompanying header page denoting the registered properties within the area.

• Conduct Registry of Deeds searches.

• Submit an eForm 17 online and instantly receive the dealing number. The eForm 17 interacts dynamically with the Land Registry database which facilitates accurate completion of information and also calculates the fee payable. Payment should be included with the eForm 17 when lodging the application for registration.

• Order official copies of Instruments. There are two methods of submitting applications for copy instruments. Click here for further details.

• Obtain details of pending applications, see our latest update. The system displays a summary set of details about the nature of applications pending, who lodged them, when they were lodged etc. This is another free service.

• Track the progress of applications through their lifecycle in the Land Registry again at no charge.

The landdirect.ie account will be debited for all transactions for which a fee is payable.

Users can access all transactions conducted on their account and account balance. There are three levels of authorisation:

  • Standard: Allows individual user access details of fee paying transactions conducted under their username and allows them to change their password.
  • View Balance: Same as standard, but with facility to view the current balance of the account and receive notification when balance falls below €100.
  • Account Administrator: All of the above, plus the facility to view the transaction log of all authorised users on that account together with details of payments made into the account.

Click here for details on how to set up "View Balance and Account Administrator" facilities.


This document was last updated on 3 December 2012